Miami Vet Center!!!!!


drill weekend's


478th Civil Affairs

 On Sunday, July 12, 2004, Staff and volunteers from
the Miami Vet Center, accompanied by staff from the
VA Hospital, attended two different Drill weekends in
Miami. We were able to present to the Veterans what
to expect as a result of their combat experiences and
where and how to get help.
  Many pamphlets, bumper stickers, and other
information were distributed and many home baked
cookies and brownies were eaten. It was a very
memorable experience and we were received us with
gratitude and appreciation.

Navy Mobile Construct Battalion
Saturday 21st, 2004

743rd Transportation Detachment,
Perrine Reserve
Sunday, August 22, 2004

The "Welcoming
Home Ceremony"
was epically
touching. The
Vietnam Vet's and
the Veteran's
recently back from
Iraq, extended
respect and
gratitude to each
other, and
Welcome Home!