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The Miami Vet Center actively promotes their
services by reaching out directly to the Veterans and
their families. They do this by attending numerous
Veteran social activities, attending Drill Weekends,
welcome home celebrations, etc. They also contact
news organizations and magazines, publish articles
in veteran organizations newsletters, design, print
and post flyer's and posters in all area's that
Veterans and their families may frequent. Contact
schools to offer opportunities for volunteers and
educational training programs. Establish both
individual and group counseling and support
meetings in numerous locations in South Florida.
They work with the Veterans Association to
coordinate efforts and assure that as many outreach
opportunities are attended as possible. Contact local
businesses to find job opportunities for Veterans and
their families. Organize information in a cohesive
manner to help the Veteran in all areas of his/her life.

They serve Veterans at the Vet Center In Miami and
at the Oakland Park VA Outpatient Clinic. Also at the
Key Largo Outstation and the Homestead Outpatient

There is always something going on and never
enough time or staff to do it as well as we would like
too. If you have time, and wish to volunteer, please
give us a call, send an e-mail or fill out the request
form and send it to us. We always have things to do,
from stuffing envelopes to distributing posters, to
making phone calls to baking cookies for our
outreach events. We need all the help we can get!!!

Thank you!

July 10, 2004
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Miami Herald
July 12, 2004
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Drill Weekend
July 12, 2004

Family Day
August 21, 2004

Drill Weekend
August 22, 2004

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E-mail to
the Vet Center
to Volunteer
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A sampling of Questions addressed in
the workshops:

I am worried about my can I help them...

How do i know if something is serious, or it is
something will pass with time?

What do I tell my children about my service in Iraq?

How do I handle discipline when my spouse is

My 6 year old is sucking his thumb and throwing temper
tantrums, what do I do?

My son's grades are slipping and he is getting in
trouble all the time. How can i help him?

How do I know if I am doing the right thing?

My spouse is overseas, how will it effect my marriage?

How do I handle my own anxiety and  fear?

My husband came back from Iraq and he is SO angry! He
has started yelling a lot and throwing things and it's
getting worse. I am afraid and so are my kids. What do I

My son is overseas, how can I help him?

My wife is back, but they are saying she may have to
re-deploy. My kids are so afraid of this, how can I help

My husband was deployed with just 24 hours notice.
There is SO much I have to do alone now and my kids
are out of control. Is there someone who can help me?

I'm just ANGRY all the time! And it's effecting my kids!
Yet I can't seem to stop. Can you help me?


How can I help my family?
Featuring Family Psychologist,
Andrew Wenger PhD

Thursday, October 14th @ 7pm
Tuesday October 19th @ 1pm

At the Miami Vet Center

Bring the children; bring the family!
RSVP- 305-859-8387 or
(e-mail here).

Stress reduction & relaxation
workshops running now, call for info

Workshops are FREE for all:
Military service members and their family's
military veterans and their family's

Message board will
be up and running
soon!!! Stay tuned
for updates!