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A sampling of Questions addressed in
the workshops:

I am worried about my can I help them...

How do i know if something is serious, or it is
something will pass with time?

What do I tell my children about my service in Iraq?

How do I handle discipline when my spouse is

My 6 year old is sucking his thumb and throwing temper
tantrums, what do I do?

My son's grades are slipping and he is getting in
trouble all the time. How can i help him?

How do I know if I am doing the right thing?

My spouse is overseas, how will it effect my marriage?

How do I handle my own anxiety and  fear?

My husband came back from Iraq and he is different. He
gets angry sometimes has started yelling a lot. It's
getting worse and we are concerned. What do I do?

My son is overseas, how can I help him?

My wife is back, but they are saying she may have to
re-deploy. My kids are so afraid of this, how can I help

My husband was deployed with just 24 hours notice.
There is SO much I have to do alone now and my kids
are out of control. Is there someone who can help me?


How can I help my family?
Featuring Family Psychologist,
Andrew Wenger PhD

Thursday, October 14th @ 7pm
Tuesday October 19th @ 1pm

At the Miami Vet Center

Bring the children; bring the family!
RSVP- 305-859-8387 or
(e-mail here).

Stress reduction & relaxation
workshops running now, call for info

Workshops are FREE for all:
Military service members and their family's
military veterans and their family's

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