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Vet centers are staffed with professionals experienced and
trained in working with veterans. Counselors come from many
disciplines including psychology, social work, nursing and
rehabilitation counseling. Many staff members are military
veterans themselves!

Working environment:
Vet Centers are a place of action. Because Vet Center counselors
are expert in psychological impact of trauma, in recent years they
have been called upon to assist not only military veterans, but
also to consult regarding those affected by earthquakes,
hurricanes, airline disasters and criminal violence.
Vet Centers are a place of learning. Counselors receive ongoing
in-service training from experts in the field.

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  Services Available:

* Individual counseling
* Group Readjustment Counseling
* Marital and family counseling
* Spouse/Significant Other Group
* VA benefits assistance and referral
* Substance abuse counseling and referrals
* Pre-employment assistance, job referral and employment counseling
* Discharge upgrade information
* Community, social service and medical referrals
* Liaison with VA Facilities and Community Agencies
* Sexual trauma/harassment counseling (veterans of both sexes ~ all

Family Support Groups are being formed. If interested,
please e-mail the Partners of Veterans, by using the Vet
Center Link to Armando!

Although the Vet Center provides a broad range of Readjustment
services, it does have a specialty - the treatment of war trauma. Such
traumas often, but not always, result in a condition called Post-Traumatic
Stress Disorder (PTSD)... Family members and significant others are also
eligible to receive readjustment counselling services when related to the
resolution of the veteran's readjustment difficulties. All services are free
to eligible veterans and their families and significant others.

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Vet Center Values:
Trauma Counseling To ensure the highest quality of counseling for postraumatic stress
disorder symptoms delivered in accessible community settings.
Special Populations To reach out to disenfranchised and unserved veterans.
Networking To establish working relationships with local, state, and federal organizations
to assist veterans who are readjusting from military to civilian life.
Wellness To promote wellness activities with veterans to help them reach quality health
and life goals and diminish the need for more intensive health care.
Leadership To serve as the leaders in provision of treatment and outreach for veterans
suffering from war trauma and connect veterans to appropriate resources to
compassionately heal that trauma.
Management To provide a cost effective system of community based Vet Centers bringing
services to eligible veterans.
Transitional Assistance To assist trasitioning military personnel with professional
readjustment services.

Vet Center Mission:
Vet Centers serve veterans and their families by providing a continuum of quality care that
adds value for veterans, families, and communities. Care includes professional readjustment
counseling, community education, outreach to special populations, the brokering of
services with community agencies, and provides a key access link between the veteran and
other services in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

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